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Sound Signals

These are useful to know, especially if you are have to cross, or are diving close to, shipping lanes.


Please note that a long blast is about four to six seconds and a short blast about one second

Signal Meaning
Power driven vessel making way one long blast every 2 min's
Power vessel underway but stopped two long blasts every 2 min's
Sailing vessel one long two short every 2 min's
Vessel not under command one long two short every 2 min's
Vessel constrained by her draught  one long two short every 2 min's
Vessel fishing one long two short every 2 min's
Vessel at anchor bell rung rapidly for 5 sec's at intervals of not more than 1 min

When both vessels can see each other

Signal Meaning
One short blast I am altering course to starboard
Two short blasts I am altering course to port
Three short blasts I am operating astern 








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